'Fallout 4' news: Bethesda drops patch 1.4 for PC


The latest patch for the PC edition of "Fallout 4" is now available in beta, fixing some of the existing issues of the game and paving the way for future content.

The announcement posted on the Steam Community website detailed the additional features that came with the patch 1.4 beta update, including the list of additional features and the roster of fixes to improve the game.

Bethesda added several customization options that the Workshop can use in the Settlements, support for upcoming add-ons, additional Super Mutant clutter that comes with meat totems, meat bags, as well as meat cart. Also inluded are a Raider clutter that has raider poles, cages, and tents, additional abstract and portrait paintings, several new signs, as well as additional metal and wood variants.

The fixes in the patch 1.4 beta update are added to improve general performance and stability. The fixes include:

  • During "Getting a Clue" quest, Kellogg's desk will remain a working container
  • During "Rocket's Red Glare," the issue where companions could not be dismissed after completing the quest has been resolved
  • The issue with "Kremvh's Tooth" quest item not spawning properly has been fixed
  • Settlements under attack will now display an updated message with the results of the attack if player does not respond
  • The issue with screen effects not clearing away after using a scope has been fixed
  • The issue with trying to sprint while in third person with a minigun equipped has been fixed

The latest patch update also fixes the issue where Calvin Whitaker would suddenly vanish after reaching Vault 81, as well as the issue involving the incorrect damage bonus that happens when the perks of Ninja and Sandman were combined. It also fixes the issue where the Rank 3 of Grim Reaper's Sprint could not fill the critical meter correctly.

The rest of the content of the new "Fallout 4" PC patch 1.4 update can also be seen on Bethesda's official website.

To access the 1.4 update beta, players must log onto Steam and right-click on the Fallout 4 tab in the Library. Then players must click on the Settings then Select Betas. After the drop down menu appears, players must choose the Beta Update then select OK. They must allot a few minutes to complete the update.

When finished, the "Fallout 4" tab should be changed with the "Fallout 4 [beta]" in the Library.