Faith in the spotlight: Inside Tennessee's trailblazing Christian nightclub

The Cove Christian nightclub in Nashville, Tennessee, plays only Christian music and does not serve alcohol.(Photo: Instagram/The Cove)

In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, a new kind of nightclub is making waves. This isn't your typical late-night venue with loud music and dim lights; instead, it's a haven for Christian club-goers seeking a cleaner, vice-free experience.

A Unique Approach

The Cove nightclub, which opened its doors last year, is challenging the norms of traditional nightlife. Founded by Eric and Jordan Diggs, the club offers an alternative space for Christians to meet and have fun outside of church.

Eric Diggs explains, "We ourselves experienced a pain point of not being able to find community outside of our church, not knowing what to do to have fun without feeling bad for doing stuff that's conflicting to our values. There wasn't a space to cultivate that, so we created it ourselves."

No Twerking Allowed

At The Cove, there are three golden rules: no twerking, no drinking, and no smoking. With a strict adherence to these guidelines and a solely Christian playlist, the club provides a safe and wholesome environment for its patrons.

Jordan Diggs elaborates, "Christians get a rep for being corny, and we want to show that Christians can be normal, can be cool, and they can have fun."

The music selection is exclusively Christian, and the evening kicks off and closes with prayers. Despite its religious foundation, The Cove aims to offer an experience similar to that of a standard nightclub, with dancing, photo opportunities, and late-night snacks from local food trucks.

Building Community

The Cove's founders are passionate about fostering a sense of community among young Christians. By breaking down barriers and embracing the idea of a Christian nightclub, they hope to provide a space where individuals can feel accepted and valued.

"We embrace the seemingly contrasting ideas of 'nightclub' and 'Christian,' as we believe Jesus is present everywhere, not just within the four walls of a church building," says Jordan.

Mixed Reactions

While The Cove has garnered praise for its innovative approach to nightlife, it hasn't been without its critics. Some argue that it blurs the lines between church and entertainment, while others question the authenticity of a Christian nightclub.

Nevertheless, The Cove continues to draw crowds, with people travelling from far and wide to experience its unique atmosphere.

Looking Ahead

As The Cove moves forward on this mission of creative evangelism, it aims to keep challenging norms by providing a unique and harmonious integration of fun and fidelity to one's faith.

Whether you're a devout Christian or simply curious, The Cove invites you to join them in their journey of redefining nightlife.

The Cove's founders make it clear that they seek to empower young Christians by dismantling barriers, and dispell any negative preconceptions of Jesus Christ as a killjoy.

"In a generation where so many people have experienced church hurt," they explain in their mission statement, "We believe many individuals will choose to step foot into The Cove before stepping foot into a church."