'Fairy Tail' chapter 544 spoilers: Battle hits climax; is Natsu the king?

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The second to the last chapter of Hiro Mashima's masterpiece, "Fairy Tail," will soon be released and fans are wondering how the manga master will wrap up the story.

In chapter 543, the epic battle against the evil dragon Acnologia began and Lucy was seen activating the fairy sphere toward the end. The epic battle continues in chapter 544, which istitled "You're the King," and if the title leaves some clue to what will happen in the chapter, it appears that someone is going to be held as the king of Earth-land.

Chapter 543 saw Acnologia giving Natsu and everyone else a hard time. However, it was clear from the previous chapter that the individual strengths and powers of the fighters will not be enough to defeat Acnologia, whose powers seem to be rising as the battle wears on.

The seven dragon slayers are also getting outplayed by Acnologia in the spiritual realm. Things, though, are about to change in chapter 544 as the slayers are expected to finally find a chink in Acnologia's armor, according to Games & Anime. Natsu, on the other hand, may have to rise above everyone else if he is to be the king as the chapter's title suggests. And the only way to do this, it appears, is for him to summon a power that has yet to be fully seen throughout the story, the power of the seven flame dragon. Thus, an epic battle is expected to occur in the Ravines of Time.

Meanwhile, Acnologia's physical body seems to be giving Gray, Juvia, and company a hard time, too, as the group has been able to barely defend themselves against the black dragon with the help of their ice ship. However, the last parts of chapter 543 saw the revival of the fairy sphere and this may spell trouble for Acnologia as Gray, Juvia, Lyon, and Erza, along with everyone else, are poised to unleash a power never seen before. The question, though, is if all their combined powers will be enough to defeat Acnologia, who appears to have an answer to everything they throw at him.

"Fairy Tail" chapter 544 is expected to come out on July 19.