'Fairy Tail' chapter 526, 527 spoilers: August, Larcade's shocking backstories

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Larcade and August will discover the truth behind their family history in the latest chapter of "Fairy Tail."

When Larcade was first introduced in the series, fans initially believed that his parents were Zeref and Mavis. It turned out that Larcade was just a demon created by Zeref so he could use him as his secret weapon and revive Natsu. Zeref discovered that Larcade was the strongest among his failed creations, so he took him in and gave him the "Dragneel" name even though he is not really his son. However, that is not the only revelation that manga artist Hiro Mashima left his readers with.

At the end of chapter 526, it is also established that Zeref and Mavis actually had a child. While August and Gildarts continued fighting, it is revealed that the Emperor has named his child "August." After learning about his origin, Larcade's struggles will not end there. Spoiler reports note that he will continue to receive punishment from the Emperor because he meddled in the battle with Natsu.

How will the surprising revelation affect the ongoing war involving Gildarts and August? If one thing is for sure, a huge battle will ensue in the coming chapters of the hit manga series. It will surely be an intense match between the strongest mage in the Fairy Tail Guild, and possibly the strongest mage who has ever lived. There are speculations that August will trick Gildarts, who becomes too confident that he will win.

As fans can remember, Gildarts was defending his daughter Cana when he realized that August was just copying his opponent's magic. Gildarts managed to identify August's weakness but despite Cana's help, he still had a hard time defeating his rival. The father and daughter tandem later realized that they can only beat August by using attacks he cannot copy, particularly card and physical attacks. It remains to be seen if Gildarts will use the same strategy to take down August once again.

The latest chapter of "Fairy Tail" appears in the next issue of the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine.