Facebook turns 'miracle maker' as parents find their baby lost in chaos of Nice terror attack

Yohlaine Ramasitera with the missing boy in a photo she posted on her Facebook page on July 15, 2016 right after the terror attack in Nice, France.(Facebook/Yohlaine Ramasitera)

The loss of a baby during the July 14 mayhem in France may just be a small footnote in the reports about the third deadliest terrorist attack in that European country since last year.

But to the parents of the months' old baby boy, the loss could only be just as devastating as the 84 deaths inflicted by the demonic driver who used a lorry to ram through thousands of people celebrating Bastille Day on the Nice Riviera waterfront.

Imagine then the joy that greeted the parents when they found out that their baby was safe and sound and eventually got hold of their precious little one with the help of Facebook.

Moments after chaos broke out that Thursday night in Nice, Tiava Banner, a relative of the unidentified child, posted on Facebook: "We've lost our 8-month-old baby. Friends in Nice, if you've seen him, if you were there, if you've picked him up please contact me," according to Inside Edition.

Yohlaine Ramasitera, a friend of the boy's parents, also posted a picture of herself with the missing baby on Facebook, and included her phone number in the post, the BBC reports.

Ramasitera posted in French on Facebook: "If you see this child contact me."

Ramasitera 's appeal was seen by her friend Rebecca Boulanger, a pastor at Nice's Victory Christian Church.

Boulanger immediately launched a prayer campaign for the baby, sharing Ramasitera's photo with the caption: "VERY IMPORTANT: In the rush of things with shots being fired some friends of our friends lost their baby boy !!! a 8-10 month old beautiful baby," according to CBN News.

Soon Boulanger's Facebook friends began sharing the appeal to find the missing baby.

Within two hours Ramasitera was contacted by a local woman who had seen her Facebook post. She said she had taken the baby to her home and he was safe and well.

"It was a miracle," Boulanger said. "A picture of the child was requested from the woman to ensure that it was him, and then finally the baby was reunited with his worried parents."

"People often criticise social media but one of the joys is that it has the power to bring hope to people amidst the darkness," she added.