Face of Jesus Christ appears on oven door in Slovakia

A mobile phone user snaps a picture of the oven allegedly reflecting an image of Jesus Christ on its door in the Slovakian village of Batizovce in this screenshot from a video footage of Slovakia's TV Markiza.(TV Markiza screenshot)

An oven is usually used for cooking dishes and baking cakes and pastries. But in the central European country of Slovakia, however, one such common kitchen equipment stunned villagers when it reflected an image of Jesus Christ

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the image of Jesus supposedly appeared on the door of an oven in a house in the remote Slovakian village of Batizovce.

The owner of the oven, who was not named in the report, shared that she was just casually baking one day when she spotted what she perceived to be the face of Jesus imprinted on the glass part of the oven's door.

"'I wanted to cook so I put the pot in the stove, but my eyes kept being drawn down to the door. Something was slowly appearing there. So I sat and watched and suddenly the picture of Jesus appeared," the woman said, as quoted by the British newspaper.

The woman, who was astonished to see the image, believes that the imprint is not just a random mixture of mist, dust and fat from the oven. She also revealed that when she tried to clean the oven door, the image of Jesus Christ still remained and could not be wiped off.

News of the purported miracle quickly spread across the community, prompting some Christian pilgrims to visit the house where Jesus' image was seen on the oven door.

The Christian pilgrims, who are coming to Batizovce by the hundreds, offer prayers in front of what they believed to be a miraculous oven door. Some of them expressed belief that the alleged miracle is a manifestation of God's intent to help the poor people of the village.

"People think this miracle came to us to save us from poverty and show us that we need to follow his message of love and peace," one of the pilgrims said.

Residents of the village have declared the place where the oven is housed as a shrine.

There is, however, a downside to this supposed apparation: it is already affecting the everyday life of the oven's owner.

"Whenever I want to do some baking, my kitchen is full of worshippers and I can't even get to the oven," she said.