'Extant' season 2 episode 4 spoilers: Discovery of new form of alien communication

Molly discovers aliens' new means to communicate with humans in the upcoming episode of "Extant."Facebook/CBS

Viewers are in for a wild and intense ride in the upcoming episode of CBS' science fiction drama series "Extant," Hollywood Hills reports.

In episode 4 titled "Cracking the Code," Molly (Halle Berry) will accidentally discover that aliens have found a way to communicate with humans through messages concealed in their DNA. The ISEA astronaut unearths the shocking truth while trying to produce a virus that will annihilate alien hybrids. Meanwhile, the new humanoid robot Lucy (Kiersey Clemons) will aid Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) on his plans to escape from Charlie (Tyler Hilton) as he tries to recover memories of his mother.

IMDb also reveals that the new installment will include some "high drama stuff" and heated encounters between Molly and JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), her new partner-in-crime. At one point on the show's promo, Molly is even spotted "totally straddling" the cop.

Last episode, Molly learned the truth about what happened to her son. Apparently, when they all thought he was dead, he was just in the transition stage. He turned from a child to teenager in seconds, and when he roused, he broke out of the body bag and killed the coroner.

His official name was Ahdu (Henderson Wade) and ever since he became an adult, he had been shaping himself into becoming human. He also was also planning to create a new culture by intentionally impregnating women. Because of all the strange pregnancies, Ahdu was being closely tracked by the government.

Also in episode 3, Julie's (Grace Gummer) decision to erase Ethan's memory had an alarming effect. The humanoid robot now thought that the assistant was actually his mother.

Meanwhile, "Extant" will be following a new schedule starting Wednesday, July 22. Variety reports that CBS is moving the show to an earlier airtime due to its low ratings. It will be taking the "Criminal Mind's" slot at 9 p.m. EST.