Ex-gay Christians will continue to 'defy must-stay-gay cancel culture'

An ex-gay Christian leader has said he will continue to help people with unwanted homosexual and transgender feelings after being targeted in a campaign to have his charity removed from social media and internet search platforms.

Mike Davidson, head of Core Issues Trust, has rejected claims by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) that the work of the ministry is "dangerous" and "harmful".

GPAHE named Core Issues Trust alongside a recent report into "how tech companies have failed to deplatform anti-LGBTQ+ conversion therapy disinformation and ban providers pushing the discredited practice".

Other websites that GPAHE says "should not be publicized or platformed by technology companies" include X-OUT-LOUD, a project of the Core Issues Trust that shares the testimonies of ex-LGBT people, and Sex Change Regret, a website run by ex-trans man Walt Heyer.

"Conversion therapy is dangerous," GPAHE said.

"If someone is searching for this material on any internet platform, they should only find authoritative results that document the therapy's harms and offer real options for individuals and families who are looking for help.

"Anything else is spreading harmful disinformation.

"Akin to lies about vaccines, disinformation about conversion therapy is potentially deadly and should be taken just as seriously." 

The release of the GPAHE reports coincide with a consultation by the UK government on banning so-called conversion therapy that is due to end on 4 February. 

Davidson denied that Core Issues Trust and X-Outloud were spreading misinformation around conversion therapy.

He said that the charities were being defamed and that he was consulting lawyers about possible legal action.

"This is how democracy now works: ensure big tech controls and prohibits any voice that does not conform to the new global government on sexual affairs," he said.

He was unapologetic about members of the ex-gay and ex-trans community coming together globally to oppose conversion therapy bans, and said that people should be free to seek out pastoral support if they want it.

"We can assure those responsible for this political campaign that we will continue to organise and to defy the must-stay-gay cancel culture that has been orchestrated to end the nuclear family and Christian sexual ethics in the West," he said.

"We will continue to offer pastoral support for those with undesired homosexual and transgender issues in their lives.

"We will also continue to organise ourselves into publicly accountable, professional and responsible groups."

Mr Davidson warned that a ban on conversion therapy would be detrimental to free speech and individual freedoms.

"We reject accusations of torture and extremism and call on the UK government to end its facilitation of dangerous leftist ideology evident in therapy bans that ride roughshod over the freedoms of speech, religion and association," he said.