Evangelist Morris Cerullo, 85, Says God Miraculously Healed Him From Ailment That Made Him Wheelchair-Bound

Evangelist Morris Cerullo is seen here blowing a kiss before boarding a plane.(Facebook/Morris Cerullo)

At 85 years old, international Pentecostal evangelist Morris Cerullo is a sight to behold. For about eight months in 2016, he was bedridden and needed a wheelchair just to move around.

Nobody thought he would be able to walk again, but God had a different plan for His soldier. After praying to God to restore his health, Cerullo is now enjoying improved health as he is happily walking around again.

Cerullo said that vasculitis — a family of uncommon diseases that involve the inflammation of blood vessels — rendered him incapable of moving. But this October, God decided to help him.

"This is probably the greatest miracle I've ever seen in my life. You know I've seen thousands and thousands of people miraculously cured but nothing like this. I was given up by the doctors. I was paralyzed, they had me in a wheelchair for maybe seven, eight months this year," Cerullo told The Christian Post.

"I had my whole leg here eaten away," he continued as he rolled up his pants to expose his right leg. "I have pictures. I showed them on TV of the whole of my leg in the red. Raw. Way down. Deep inside. I was bedfast. No doctor could help me. So, what I did? God gave me an incredible miracle, and so you can see brand new flesh."

After getting healed, Cerullo wasted no time in spreading God's Word. He travelled to Africa, Brazil, Peru, Panama, Israel, India, and Sri Lanka within a span of a month just to share God's power and kindness.

Cerullo said his healing is only proof of God's presence in today's war-torn world. He even released an autobiography called "The Legend of Morris Cerullo: How God Used an Orphan to Change the World." The evangelist said the book digs deep into his roots and shows how God pulled him into a life of ministry.

"How God took a little orphan boy who lost his mother when I was 2 years of age and had a drunken father who deserted five children, and how the hand of God, so mysteriously from the time he was a little boy, was on his life and how God led him through the Jewish Orthodox orphanages that I was placed," he said.