European Churches Demand EU States Accept More Refugees

|TOP|Church representatives from across Europe have called on the States in the European Union to settle more refugees within their borders, reports the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD).

The ecumenical umbrella organisation, the Church Commission for Migrants in Europe, raised the criticism that only five EU countries have taken part in the UN-coordinated resettlement programme.

Members of the Commission said that Europe must also take up its responsibility in dealing with the problem of refugees, just as numerous non-European countries have done.

|AD|The group highlighted that under such a programme only 4,000 refugees are currently offered long-term resettlement in the EU, in stark comparison to the approximately 30,000 people from the Far East and East Africa in 2004 who were resettled in the USA, Canada and Australia.

According to the group, neighbouring countries like Kenya are massively over-burdened by the numerous refugees streaming across their borders.

Among the EU countries, only Finland, the Netherlands, Britain, Ireland and Sweden have agreed to participate in the resettlement programmes so far.

These states are also working together with the UN High Commission for refugees. “Churches and refugee organisations want in practice to help in creating aspects of the programme,” said CCME general secretary Doris Peschke.