Europe seen moving towards 'civil war' as leaders repress citizens while appeasing Muslim migrants

French activists against migrants shout slogans as they participate in a protest organised by the anti-Islam group PEGIDA, in Calais, France, on Feb. 6, 2016.Reuters

European leaders are paving the way for the "destruction of their own countries" as they pursue their policy of appeasement on the hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants that have flooded their land.

The warning was raised by Pamela Geller, a staunch critic of radical Islam, even as European governments have resorted to censorship in a desperate move of self-preservation, WND reported.

"They have enabled the destruction of their own countries by means of their immigration policies," Geller charged. "If they allow criticism of Islam, it will show the disastrous failure of their commitment to multiculturalism. They also hope that by appeasing Muslim demands, they will obviate the need for jihad, and there will be peace. But appeasement always fails."

Geller warned that the unprecedented and continuing influx of Muslim migrants into Europe may eventually lead to civil unrest as governments try to repress their own angry citizens who are protesting the presence of the migrants who only cause trouble in their communities.

Instead of cracking down on the migrants, European governments are turning against their own people, Geller noted.

In the Netherlands, police are questioning and threatening to charge citizens who make Internet posts protesting government plans to resettle migrants in their communities.

In France, the government recently banned a demonstration by the Pegida group, which has called for resistance to Islam's growing control over European life and the expulsion of the migrants.

In England, a similar Pegida march planned for Birmingham has been condemned by both Labour and Conservative members of Parliament.

In Germany, the government of Angela Merkel is working with Facebook and other social media organisations to censor speech that criticises migrants, especially after the mass sexual assaults by Muslims in Cologne and other German and European cities.

Geller accused European leaders of "supreme" arrogance and showing "contempt for their own people."

She said if citizens are not allowed to speak their minds, the consequences will be disastrous.

"There will be civil war in Europe," she warned.