'Empire' season 2 spoilers: Lucious is out for vengeance in episode 11


The midseason finale for "Empire" season 2 ended with Lucious (Terrence Howard) losing his position as CEO of Empire Entertainment, mostly due to the betrayal of his own son Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray). As the promotional trailer for the show's next episode reveals, Lucious will stop at nothing for vengeance.

The trailer showcases that after Camilla's (Naomi Campbell) takeover of Empire Entertainment, all thanks to Hakeem, she will be out for Lucious's blood. Not only does she instruct armed men to kill him but she also manages to cause his car to explode just before he steps into it.

Of course Lucious won't sit around idly and allow his life to crumble around him without fighting back. Lucious is heard stating that he will do whatever it takes in order to regain his "kingdom" and that may involve fighting his own son to the death.

One crucial scene showcases Camilla asking Hakeem how he would feel to be the new CEO to which he jumps on the table and proclaims it is his birthright, to the surprise of the board members. This move, however, will only put Hakeem in another corner against his father.

Another crucial scene the trailer shows is Hakeem pointing a gun at his father. There are no confirmations yet regarding the potential deaths of either character but this confrontation is very likely to end against Hakeem's favor.

However, the episode will not just focus on Lucious's efforts to fight back as it also showcases Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) comforting Lucious and taking his side. 

Executive producer Ilene Chaiken explained in a report from TV Line that Cookie would aim to regroup and sieze opportunities.

"Apart from wanting what's hers, wanting her family to be together has always been the driving purpose in Cookie's life," Chaiken said.

"Empire" season 2 episode 11, "Death Will Have His Day," premieres March 30.