'Elementary' season 4 premiere spoilers: Sherlock gets his job back


As previously reported, "Elementary" season 4 will see the arrival of Morland Holmes (John Noble) who apparently has the intention of helping his son Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) get back on his feet following his recent relapse and now details have emerged indicating Morland will also help Sherlock get his job back.

The synopsis for episode 2, titled "Evidence of Things Not Seen," has been posted on SpoilerTV and states that Morland will help get Sherlock and Watson (Lucy Liu) reinstated as consultants for the NYPD. However, Sherlock Holmes won't be too welcoming of his father's help and will even question his father's motivations.

Not only that but while no work is coming in, Watson will get a gig for the duo to work alongside the FBI on a triple-homicide case that took place in a top secret research laboratory. It is possible that this job with the FBI will help re-establish Sherlock's reputation and may influence the NYPD to bring him and Watson back in for regular work.

Episode 1, on the other hand, may focus solely on Morland's arrival and its effects on Sherlock. As stated in the previous report, Morland will be arriving to help Sherlock but the latter - and even Watson after some time - will begin to wonder if Morland is being sincere or if he has ulterior motives in helping his son get back on his feet.

According to a report from Cartermatt, "Evidence of Things Not Seen" will continue to plotline of Sherlock dealing with his father but it will also allow the show to revert back to its usual format where Sherlock and Watson team together to help the authorities solve a difficult case.

It is also speculated that the series will be able to balance out focusing on Sherlock's personal life and his professional life.

"Elementary" season 4 premieres this Nov. 5.