'Elder Scrolls 6' or 'Fallout 4': Which one will Bethesda release first?


Gamers have been wanting to know what Bethesda is really up to, pining to learn which of the two — "Fallout 4" or "Elder Scrolls 6" — will actually see a release date or if either one will ever make it out the door. Reports claim that the game studio will get "Elder Scrolls 6" out first and that it will drop details during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is scheduled on June 16 to 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This, however, remains as nothing more than a rumor. 

Despite the uncertainty about its existence, gamers have already developed ideas on the latest iteration of the award-winning series. "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" is undoubtedly difficult to outshine in terms of its gracious reception from the gaming realm. The developer might just be taking its time to come up with "Elder Scrolls 6" that will sweep off gamers' feet. 

Movie Pilot delved into the possible setting for the title, which is also being addressed as "Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia," and ended up surmising that the action might be staged in Valenwood for it to culminate in the ruin of the Green-Sap, one of the last two towers standing. The other one is Adamantine and the site said it is the firmest one there so it is unlikely to be the next one to be reduced to rubble. Whether or not Bethesda will go for this inference remains to be seen. 

There is also word that "Fallout 4" will be the one to land at the E3 this June. While this is uncorroborated, Quick Docs went on to deduce that the newest entry in the post-apocalyptic role-playing video game series will be using the same engine used on "Skyrim," which may spell trouble for Bethesda if that happens. While the latter had pristine graphics when it came out, the site says that the visuals do not look as good as they did. 

Whatever Bethesda is working on now is kept tightly under wraps. But with the studio all set up for the expo, fans can expect that a new title will be launched in the coming months.