'Elder Scrolls 6' release date: Bethesda targeting 2016 launch?

Facebook courtesy of "The Elder Scrolls"

The rumors swirling online are now suggesting that Bethesda Softworks LLC is planning a 2016 release date for "Elder Scrolls 6."

Fans were expecting at least some semblance of news relating to "Elder Scrolls 6" back at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) but Bethesda offered little in the way of official word regarding the title. What seems to be an official information concerning the upcoming video game came, however, came from Bethesda Vice President Peter Hines.

Hines said that he sympathizes with fans who were disappointed by the lack of any news at the event regarding the next installment of what is arguably Bethesda's most successful franchise, but that there is a good reason for the wait as well. Hines indicated that the team at Bethesda is currently hard at work developing the new title; and that with a game as important and with such high expectations as "Elder Scrolls 6," there is always going to be a long wait in place. He did, however, hint at the possibility that the game could be launching in late 2016, according to Yibada.

Despite what Hines said at E3, many fans still believe that an announcement from Bethesda is imminent. Some fans are even predicting "Elder Scrolls 6" to be released during next year's E3, although there were no official sources cited by those spreading the rumor. More official news could be available at the upcoming QuakeCon 2015 to be held Friday, as Bethesda has announced that they will reveal what will come after "Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited" at the event.

In related news, there is still some uncertainty regarding what the actual title of "Elder Scrolls 6" would be, according to MNR Daily.

With Bethesda working on making the term "Redguard" a trademark, fans are now speculating that the next game could either be "Elder Scrolls: Argonia" as many have widely assumed, or perhaps "Elder Scrolls: Redguard," which would be a surprise to many.

Confusion remains rampant for now, but more official news could be coming soon.