Edgy postcards share light of Christmas in dark places

The Light Up booklet contains 10 postcards. The back cover features the message "Christmas is not just the story of a baby being born".

SGM Lifewords is launching a new collection of contemporary Christmas postcards for 2013.

'Light Up' is a book of ten postcards featuring non-traditional Christmas images linked with scripture verses that reflect Jesus as the light of the world.

Light Up is designed to share the light of Jesus' love and presence in today's society by reminding people that "Christmas is not just the story of a baby being born".

These stark postcards include can be given away individually or as a whole to friends and family.

Churches are being encouraged to give the postcards to members of their congregation and local schools.

SGM Lifewords' Executive Director, Danielle Welch, explained: "When we think of the Christmas story, we usually picture scenes from the nativity.

"Light Up places verses from the Gospels and Isaiah alongside contemporary images to prompt people to reflect on the relevance of that first Christmas for us today, and what it means to be light where we live."

SGM Lifewords is also inviting people to participate in the #lightrevolution photo campaign, running on social media site Instagram.

Here, they are encouraging users to share examples of how the light of Jesus shines within their communities.
Order Light Up packs at www.sgmlifewords.com/uk