'Dying Light' DLC release: Techland reveals new details on 'The Following'

Twitter courtesy of "Dying Light"

Although developer Techland has yet to come out with the release date for the upcoming DLC to its popular zombie shooter "Dying Light," the company has sent out teaser images and new video footage showcasing some of the highlights for the upcoming expansion.

Dubbed "The Following," the new DLC will greatly expand content for the title, coming out with new weapons and gear. One of the most notable add-ons for the new DLC is the feature for players to use a dune buggy as a weapon, and players can design and equip the buggy as they see fit.

Meanwhile, the dune buggy can also be fitted as a strict transportation vehicle to ferry players around the 'Dying Light" world comfortably and much faster. In this mode, the dune buggy can also be used as a weapon to just ram the zombies head-on, but it is not guaranteed to kill a horde.

Meanwhile, it seems that one of the levels for the upcoming DLC will also be based on fan feedback. As reported by Express UK, Techland is looking for fans who will help in shaping some missions in the upcoming expansion pack. According to the developer, the team "is creating a unique mission that takes place inside an abandoned post office and wants fans to have their messages of distress, horror, or bravery be scattered around the level."

Techland also revealed how Harran, the large fictional city in the game, gets its power. According to a video by the developer, which is unclear if it will be shown in the upcoming DLC or was just a gag, the city is powered by a group of zombies on hamster wheels, endlessly running which in turn generates the power needed for the city's consumptions at night.