Duggar family news: Joy-Anna Duggar absent in Thanksgiving photo, Josh's presence slammed by fans

A picture of the Duggar family during their Thanksgiving celebrationDuggar Family Blog

Former "19 Kids and Counting" stars, the Duggar family, recently celebrated their Thanksgiving feast together. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were joined by their children and grandchildren during the holiday. Despite the happy affair, the family could not get away from critics who are bringing a different light into their gathering.

It appears that fans were not pleased that Josh Duggar is in the picture that the family shared. When the scandal about Josh surfaced on the internet, the family made an effort to keep him off their social media pages. Fans are aware that he molested five girls wherein four of them were his sisters. This controversy has led to the cancellation of their "19 Kids and Counting" show.

According to reports, the Duggars are now okay with including Josh on their social media pages. Their recent Thanksgiving photo shows Josh sitting at the front center of the image. While most fans of the show did not complain about it, some were quick to notice.

One fan commented that he can't believe that they still let Josh near her sisters whom he molested. Others said that it is disgusting and inappropriate. Another one joked that he hopes Josh kept his hands at himself during the gathering.

Another thing that fans noted is the absence of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth in the photo. Because of this, some speculate that she is hiding her baby bump from the public. There are speculations that Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding. Since the family does not approve of premarital sex, the pregnancy of Joy-Anna sparks controversy that she had a shotgun wedding to cover up her sins.

The Thanksgiving photo of the Duggar family was uploaded on their official blog. Along with the picture is a caption that says,"We had a wonderful time together over the past few days, lots of delicious food and the making of new memories that will last a lifetime! We were so thankful to have kids and grandkids under one roof."