Duggar family news: Jill Duggar gets tattoo, shocks fans

Jill Duggar Dillard showed off her henna tattoo in this photo of Samuel.(PHOTO: Instagram/Jill Dillard)

Jill Duggar from "Counting On" seems to be in an experimental phase when it comes to her looks. Over the past few weeks, fans of the conservative Duggar family were shocked to see her sporting a nose ring, wearing pants, and now showing off a henna tattoo.

The Christian mom showed off the intricate details of her tattoo as she posted some photos of her second son, Samuel, on Instagram (@jillmdillard). "#bathtime for Sam was on my to do list today! lol Anyone else write little things down (yes, even after you've already done them! Ha!) so you can cross them off and feel a sense of accomplishment?! #lovemyboys #towelbaby #henna."

Naturally, Jill's post generated a lot of reactions from netizens. "First a nose piercing, then henna. What's next? I love that you're doing your own thing!" a fan wrote.

Jill also faced a lot of criticisms for breaking the Duggar family's strict rules about fashion and body ink. Many even quoted Leviticus 19:28, which prohibited Christians from getting inked. "Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the LORD," the verse reads.

However, many Christians today believe that the verse from the Old Testament no longer applies since Jesus Christ already died on the cross to save people's sins. So they defended Jill from her bashers. "The Leviticus thing is the old law, which Jesus came to fulfill so that we are no longer bound to it. The hennas are actually really cool and can be used the share the gospel in so many ways," a fan weighed in.

"I don't understand people. Just because [you're] a Christian you can't have tattoos or piercings? [There] are ministers with tattoos. What's wrong with people? Live your life, Jill, [you're] a good mom, a good person. Who cares what people say?" another fan added.