'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson says hunting brings him closer to God, considers it a very 'spiritual' act

Willie Robertson says he's 'used to being criticised.'(Wikimedia Commons)

The Robertson family from the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty" are known for being hunters, particular patriarch Willie Robertson.

Willie loves to hunt for a variety of reasons, and one of them is that the sport makes him feel more connected to God.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Willie said he appreciates hunting because it slows things down for him. "I'm super busy with the television show and the kids and you get out there and you turn the cell phone off and it's just you and nature and the animals and how they survive. It's very spiritual," he shared.

One of his best memories of hunting is when his wife Korie shot her first deer. "She was going to just watch. And I saw this deer and I said, 'You want to shoot this deer?' And she said, 'Yeah' and she had never done it before and we were hunting with a cross bow and I said, 'Do you know where to hit it?' And she said, 'I've watched your videos, I know where to hit it.' And sure enough she was successful," said Willie.

They cleaned the animal, and Korie later provided meals for their family. Willie is proud that they honoured what God has provided them with.

"That's a big deal for us. It's the ultimate farm to table. We're out there in the woods, we see what we're going to take, that's a process," he said. "There's a process of cleaning it, there's a process of cooking it, and then we all sit down at the dinner table and eat it. Whoever provided it, we're appreciative of that and we acknowledge that. It's a way for us to eat ... I'm glad we have those skills, able to go out and get our own food."

A lot of people loathe the act of hunting, but as long as Willie is not doing anything illegal, he does not mind what other people think or say.

"I'm used to being criticised," he admitted. "Most of the people criticising like that don't understand what we do. They don't understand hunting."