'Duck Dynasty' star Sadie Robertson reveals important item on her bucket list

Sadie Robertson admitted she hasn't figured out the rest of her bucket list yet.(PHOTO: Instagram/Sadie Robertson)

Even though she is only 20 years old, "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson has already accomplished so many things in life.

Everybody knows her from her family's reality show, but she also carved a name for herself by joining "Dancing With the Stars," writing her own book "Live Original," going on speaking tours, and even appearing in the faith-based movie, "God's Not Dead 2," among many other things.

However, there are still so many things that Robertson wishes to accomplish, and she is slowly but surely checking off items from her bucket list one by one.

"The top of my bucket list has always been to speak at Passion, which is just an amazing college conference, and this year I actually got to do that. And so, I feel like, I don't know, I don't even know. I haven't had time to make another one," she shared with Fox News.

When asked about the thing she is most proud of, Robertson said it would be writing the book "Live Fearless" because it helped her "come out of fear."

"I was super proud of that. Just like with the journey that it was. But then to be able to come back and be like, 'You know what? I don't want to just come out and be in freedom, I want to take this generation with me.' That's something I'm really excited about," she said.

Robertson also revealed during the interview that her favorite Bible passage is from Psalms 46. She previously explained on her Instagram account (@legitsadierob) that the verse keeps her sane amidst life's trials.

"I don't know about y'all, but I'm running to the city of God!" she wrote. "Where there is joy, PEACE, no pain, no hurt, no comparison, no separation, no fear, there is LOVE, and so much security. EVEN when the nations are in chaos, I thank God for reigning higher than ANY of us. Look above, and find peace."

Today, Robertson is proud to say that she is at peace — not because of anything around her, but because of Who is above her.

"Thank you Jesus for being the same yesterday, today, and forever more. Holy holy holy are you even in the darkest days. I will shout your praise for you alone my God are so holy," she said.