Donald Trump net worth 2015: Document shows $8.7 billion

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, on July 18, 2015.Reuters

Real estate mogul Donald Trump has recently filed a personal financial disclosure for the Federal Election Commission, according to a report from The Guardian. This is the last step required for him to join the Republican presidential debate this Aug. 6. Immediately after, his campaign ad stated that his net worth is over $10 billion. 

According to the report, this is well over the total net worth of 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney who was subsequently attacked for his excessive wealth during his presidential run. Despite Trump nearly repeating everything that troubled Romney, he has been rising in the national polls. 

Trump isn't trying to hide it. According to Business Insider, immediately after he announced his intention to run for president, he stated, "I'm really rich. That's the kind of thinking you need for this country. Because you've got to make the country rich. It sounds crass ... It's not crass." 

With regard to the FEC reports, Trump argued that these reports were "not designed for a man of Mr Trump's massive wealth." 

The report from Business Insider recently broke down just how much Trump really has and if his net worth even comes close to $10 billion. When all was said and done, the report proved that Trump really is as rich as he says he is. 

According to the report's breakdown, Trump's cash and other financial assets amount to $302 million, the real estate holdings that he completely owns amount to $4 billion, those he partially owns amount to $943 million, and he has $3.3 billion connected to branded products and real-estate licensing deals. Trump also has roughly $300 million from other sources and $15 million which comes from the Miss America pageant.

All-in-all, this amounts to $9.2 billion but his liabilities amount to over $500 million, dropping his total net worth to $8.7 billion. 

However, Business Insider also points out that although the calculations show Trump's net worth amounts to $8.7 billion, Forbes lists his net worth at $4 billion.