Do You Believe? film by the creators of God's Not Dead is life-changing

Do You Believe? film challenges the true discipleship of Christians.(Facebook/Do You Believe? Movie)

From the creators of God's Not Dead comes another new film called Do You Believe?, which tackles the lives of different strangers as they struggle with their faith in God during the most tumultuous times of their lives.

Breathecast was given an advanced screening of the movie, and was simply "blown away with the compelling message of the cross and its relevance in this day and age."

The movie is filled with drama as it touches on issues of crime, suicide, death, and even self-struggle. The movie will cater to both believers and non-believers, with incredible cinematography and an unforgettable storyline.

It stars Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Cybill Shepherd and Lee Majors. They play seemingly random characters whose lives somehow intersect at some point in the film, and through the life's struggles they discover the immeasurable power of God and his sacrifice for mankind.

"The massive success of God's Not Dead proved that audiences want to rally together with their friends and family to see movies that will edify them on compelling issues," said producer and founding partner of Pure Flix, David A.R. White. "With Do You Believe?, we wanted to create a film whose message will encourage, but at the same time convict, audiences concerning one of the most critical faith questions they will ever be asked."

He explained that the movie will challenge Christians not only on their belief in God, but also on their actions after they profess their faith. In one part of the movie, a man carrying a cross asked a man driving a car, "Do you believe?" The man answers back yes with the statement, "I'm a pastor."

The pastor was then challenged, "What are you going to do about it?"

Do You Believe? is written by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, the writing team behind God's Not Dead. It is produced by Michael Scott, David A.R. White, Russell Wolfe, and Elizabeth Travis. It is expected to hit the big screen on March 20.