DJI Mavic Pro 2 updates, rumors: Much-awaited drone begins mass production, set for March release

Official website of DJIThe DJI Mavic Pro drone.

A few months after the release of DJI Mavic Pro, fans are now eager to know when the successor of the hit drone will be available. As of the moment, it has been confirmed that the mass production for the Mavic Pro 2 already begun and the upcoming drone is expected to be launched by March.

There is still no definite release date for the Mavic Pro 2, but according to Drone DJ, people are expecting it to come out as early as March 22. The report added that it will be controlled by the DJI Go 4 app which is the same application used in the Mavic Pro. Furthermore, Mavic Pro 2 will purportedly be a foldable drone, packed with new features like Boomerang, Astroid and Panorama photo options while retaining the strong features of its predecessor. Aside from the features of Mavic Pro, the Mavic Pro 2 is also expected to have the features of Mavic Air like 3D sensing, APAS and obstacle-sensor on all sides.

Meanwhile, Uber Gizmo supposes that the Mavic Pro 2 will be lighter compared to its predecessor. They also expect it to be faster and have longer flight times. According to the publication, it is likely that DJI will be applying it to the upcoming flagship drone since the company was able to do it with the Mavic Pro Platinum.

In a separate report by Drone DJ, it listed all the possible features that Mavic Pro 2 could possess. Some of the specifications stated could be having a 1-inch CMOS sensor, a new 3-axis gimbal and a binocular rear vision that would enable the obstacle-sensor to function.

Since the mass production has already started, it is expected that the Mavic Pro 2 will be revealed in no time. Watch out for more updates on the Mavic Pro 2.