'Destiny' House of Wolves DLC release date: what to expect


The Destiny – House of Wolves DLC is expected to be out before April ends. This was confirmed no less by game developer Bungie which likewise provided some latest details on the second expansion, including fixes to Raids and more.

Other details revealed by Bungie include refining raids, mostly addressing the community feedback with regards to issues concerning Destiny.

Senior Designer Gavin Irby actually singled out another improvement to the game with the Atheon and Crota boss encounters. Apparently they will be more challenging without having to worry about hindering game play.

Destiny apparently carried its share of bugs which were hopefully already addressed with the coming patch. As an example, there was one bug where players would hardly render any damage on Minotaurs using the Relic shield. Activities Engineer Sean Chan explained that the said bug was tied up to a complicated hit test used to detect a melee hit which was missed because the said creature had a long-legged shaped body.

Another issue that has reportedly been resolved is the Cerberus Vae III Strike. The said strike has one of the lowest completion rates and even when players successfully complete it, it takes longer than any other strikes (said to be 27 minutes) to complete.

In general, expect a lot of the strikes to get some tweaking with the upcoming patch. Per engineer Brenton Woodrow, the Bungie team's goal was to somehow ease the difficulty level for the least-completed strikes. And such was made when they focused on the final boss encounters, reducing the strength of some major combatants.

So once the patch comes out, expect some of the game bosses like Valus Ta'Aurc's the Psion Flayers' to come with slightly lowered shields when gamers get the opportunity to come across them in-game.

Gamers can expect more details and updates on the House of Wolves in the coming weeks as we await the formal release of 1.1.2 patch hopefully before April ends.