'Destiny 2' review news: Big name reviews are out; user mixed reception still unchanged

Bungie Inc., Activision Publishing Inc."Destiny 2" promotional photo

Now that reviews of Bungie's "Destiny 2" are out, fans and potential players are given a chance to re-evaluate the pre-review reception of the game. While a lot of attention was given to the first-person shooter (FPS) game, the reception has simply been more of the same scores, albeit slightly lower this time.

Metacritic, a website which collates and averages the scores of all the user and critic reviews for the game, has not put "Destiny 2" in the same spot it was before. The critic average of "Destiny 2" is now slightly lower despite official review releases from several big gaming news sites. For PlayStation 4 (PS4), the critic average has gone down from 88 to 85 within a week's interval, while the user score average also went down a notch from 6.2 to 5.9 in the same span of time. 

As for the Xbox One, the game's previously unavailable critical reception average is now the same as the PS4 at 85, while the user reception is at 5.0. 

The PC version of "Destiny 2" still has no reception, as the game will not arrive to the platform until Oct. 24.

Despite the mixed user reviews of the game, websites like "We Got This Covered" still gave the game a perfect 100 rating, saying that the game was a rebirth of the franchise, as it paid homage to video game classics like "Metroid" and its protagonist "Samus Aran." The website even praised "Destiny 2" for being a massive overall improvement over its predecessor, accomplishing what it set out to do.

User reviews from Metacritic, however, point out the game's aggressive microtransactions scheme with one user, saying that some features of the sequel were previously present in its predecessor without added microtransactions. While critics of the game praised "Destiny 2" for being an improvement of the first one, some user reviews pointed out that the game feels more like a long downloadable content (DLC) of its predecessor.

Regardless, the game is now out for both console platforms with solid reviews, which could help gamers decide whether they would give the game a chance or not.