Denzel Washington: I read the Bible every day

Denzel Washington may be known for many of his gangster roles in movies like "Training Day" but the actor is also adamant about sharing his love for Jesus Christ.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Washington opened up about his Christian values, telling the publication that he made sure to read his Bible every day.

"I read from the Bible every day, and I read my Daily Word," Washington revealed. "I read something great yesterday. It said, 'Don't aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference.'"

The Christian actor also told the publication about his experience with feeling the Holy Spirit during a service at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

"That was thirty years ago, at the church I still attend. The minister was preaching, 'Just let it go.' I said, 'I'm going to go with it.'"

The actor described a physical and spiritual experience that he encountered when first feeling the Holy Spirit.

"And I had this tremendous physical and spiritual experience. It did frighten me," Washington revealed. "I was slobbering, crying, sweating. My cheeks blew up. I was purging."

The experience frightened the actor so much, he admitted to calling his mother.

"It was too intense. It almost drove me away," Washington said. "I called my mother, and she said I was being filled with the Holy Spirit. I was like, 'Does that mean I can never have wine again?'"

The multiple Oscar award winner, who has appeared in films since his 1977 debut, has remained vocal throughout the years about his Christian faith. In a previous interview with Beliefnet, Washington spoke about the importance of his spirituality in not only his life, but also his career.

"Spirituality is important in every aspect of my life," Washington said. "I mean, that's why I'm here. That's what I've been blessed to do."