'Deadpool' movie release date: Marvel Universe's new superhero film rated PG-13

Deadpool is a character in the Marvel Universe who isn't like any other superhero. The name itself can send shivers down the spine. A name referring a pool of dead bodies isn't something as wholesome as Wolverine or Cyclops. And yet, Deadpool has so many fans both in the comics and in the movies.

Deadpool, played by actor Ryan Reynolds, first appeared in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Since then, fans of Deadpool have come out and requested that a solo movie for the character should be made. Fast forward to years later, a "Deadpool" movie is in the works and it will be released on February 12, 2016, reports ComicBookMovie.

There is just one problem with the movie when it comes out: it will have a PG-13 rating. Such rating is disappointing to many Deadpool fans and there are several reasons why. By the way, even Reynolds believes that the movie should be R-rated.

The thing is, this is actually a battle of making money versus making a quality movie. If "Deadpool" is given a PG-13 rating, this would mean a wider audience for the movie. Hence, the movie will definitely make more money.

On the other hand, an R-rating would narrow down the audience, which could mean less money for the movie. However, such rating will allow the makers of the movie to have more freedom in making "Deadpool."

Here's a further explanation. Deadpool is not really the usual superhero, he is more like an anti-hero. He is violent, crazy, and loves to curse. If the movie becomes PG-13, 20th Century Fox will have to tone Deadpool down to please the younger audience. Thus, this will go against the natural nature of who Deadpool really is, and no one wants to see a half-baked Deadpool, right?

Sure, everyone's excited about "Deadpool," but the question is, will 20th Century Fox choose making more money? Or will they stand behind artistic integrity and make sure the film is done the right way? Really, what does "Deadpool" fans deserve?