'Dead by Daylight' updates: Rumors suggest Freddy Krueger for next DLC

The official logo of the horror survival multiplayer game "Dead by Daylight."Facebook/DeadByDaylight

The serial killer horror game "Dead by Daylight," developed by Behavior Interactive, will be seeing another popular horror icon added to its roster. It has been highly speculated that "A Nightmare on Elm Street" dream terrorist, Freddy Krueger, will be the latest serial killer that will be providing new challenges for players of the game.

According to Cinema Blend, some netizens were able to dig up a file for the game with a secretive title, "The Sandman," which is an allusion to a fictional literary character that has powers relating to people's dreams. Additionally, they have also found out that the titular "Sandman" will be utilizing a glove with claws, with an ability currently known as the Dreammaster. There are no reports yet regarding the details of this ability.

These clues are very convincing indicators that Freddy Krueger will in fact be the next playable villain in "Dead by Daylight." In a report by Game Rant, adding other types of serial killers is the developers way to keep its integrity and originality intact compared to its direct competitor, the "Friday the 13th: The Game," which has a very similar premise. This is why Michael Myers from the "Halloween" movies had been added to the roster before.

It has been speculated that if the developers have the ball already rolling for a potential Freddy Krueger add-on, then fans might expect it in the next downloadable content (DLC). In fact, according to DVS Gaming, there are currently sound effects of Freddy out. However, it is notable to mention that the source came from a Subreddit, which means that is not entirely confirmed.

"Dead by Daylight" have been very religious with their promises, since they had come through with releasing the true-to-life inspired character Leatherface, which came out Sept. 14. According to Game Revolution, Leatherface first graced the PC platform. After three weeks, he then terrorized console owners.

There is currently no official confirmation of Freddy Krueger's inclusion in the game, nor is there a release date for the next DLC.