'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Will discovers Hope's engagement ring; Sami, Belle have heated confrontation

Rafe (Galen Gering) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) may have gotten away with hiding their hookup in front of Hope (Kristian Alfonso), but can they keep it up? Perhaps not. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that these two will definitely have a difficult time hiding what happened.

Rafe is still in love with Hope so he obviously does not want her to know about his one night stand with his ex. This decision was made on the spur of the moment and he is determined to keep it a secret.

As it is in the soap world, keeping secrets often take Herculean strength. Either way, Rafe believes that he can cover this whole thing up. While he does not see how this hookup could be exposed, one careless move will probably have Hope or someone else suspicious.

It seems that he will make a careless mistake come next week's episodes. Will (Chandler Massey) will find something interesting that could potentially expose Sami and Rafe's romp in the sack. He will visit Sami at her hotel room. Will may likely try and make things right between the two of them after a talk with his uncle Eric (Greg Vaughan). After patching things up, this is when Will will spot something.

He will suddenly see Hope's engagement ring and wonder where it came from. Will might not realize that it belongs to Hope or that Rafe is the one who accidentally left it behind. But, there is a good chance that he will start looking for its owner. Susan (Eileen Davidson) taught him how to be kind and helpful, so he might insist on doing what is right and find the owner of the ring.

Alas, here is where things could get tricky for Rafe and Sami. If Sami finds out what Will has found, she might cover up for Rafe and tell Will that she will return it to him herself. She might try and keep Will out of this mess. But it is also possible that Will might find the ring on his own and keep it. This will result in more trouble if he ever decides to hand it over to Marlena (Deidre Hall) or someone else he knows.

As is the case with all secrets in Salem, it will come out eventually. It is still too early for Hope to learn about Rafe and Sami's hookup and there is a big possibility that it will sort of slip to another character too. By the time Hope finds out, Sami may have already left Salem as well, so Rafe might probably be on his own to defend his actions.

Before Sami leaves Salem, however, she has a few words to say to another sibling of hers.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that she will have a heated confrontation with Belle (Martha Madison). Fans know that Sami has quite a temper and usually does crazy things, but her latest plan for Will to get his memories back ended disastrously.

Will was undoubtedly furious with her and never wanted to see her again. Despite the hookup with Rafe, Sami will still feel miserable. Her dark mood will result in her taking it out on Belle. After Belle met Will again, she definitely let slip about his history with Paul (Christopher Sean) and that he slept with Paul while still married to Sonny (Freddie Smith).

When Sami found out, she was enraged. While she can no longer speak nor see her son, at least for the time being, she will still try and look out for him. Sami was furious that Belle made Will's life a lot harder than it already is. But that was not the only thing Sami was mad about when it came to Belle.

Longtime viewers can recall that Belle received a lot of money after the last stunt Sami pulled years ago. She stole millions from the DiMera family and Belle wound up with a big chunk of the money. Belle, later on, gave the money back to Chad (Billy Flynn).

The two hurled one insult after another with Belle saying that Sami was just as bad as the DiMeras. That only made Sami angrier after their confrontation, leading her to trash her hotel room.

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