David Cameron gives National Marriage Week his full support

(Photo: Caetano Lacerda)

David Cameron has spoken of his support for National Marriage Week, which got underway today.

The Prime Minister assured Christian Today in a statement that he fully endorsed the week and the institution of marriage.

National Marriage Week takes place each year to support married couples in their union and encourage others to make the lifelong commitment to the one they love.

Mr Cameron said: "I welcome National Marriage Week and am pleased to give it my support. Marriage is a declaration of commitment, responsibility and stability that helps to bind families.

"The values of marriage are give and take, support and sacrifice - values that we need more of in this country. Of course, there are people across the country who have never married and are just as committed to each other. We also know that sadly too many marriages come to an end.

"But we can agree with all these things and still support an institution that can help keep families together."

This year, part of the week includes a nationwide attempt to break the world record for the number of couples renewing their marriage vows at the same time.

The BIG Promise world record attempt takes place on Saturday at 5.15pm when couples will simultaneously reaffirm their marriage vows at different venues all over the UK.

Dave Percival, The BIG Promise project coordinator, said: "The thought of thousands of couples from Newquay to Orkney saying together 'We will!' is just fantastic. The occasion will be both serious and huge fun – a bit like marriage really.

"Marriage Week has always stood for encouraging and thanking couples for all that marriage means for them and for society. This year we really want people to celebrate just how important the promises we make are.

"They offer the foundation for a stable and loving family; what we build on that foundation is up to us, but we want people all over the country to join with us and send out the message: 'these promises matter'."