David Cameron a 'Fan of Faith Schools'

David Cameron has stated that he wants to send his daughter to a faith school rather than allow her to get "a bit lost" in a standard state primary.

|PIC1|The Conservative leader is preparing to reject at least 15 schools to send his daughter to a faith school, the Telegraph reports.

He is believed to be enrolling her in a Church of England primary school more than two miles away.

In an interview, the Mr Cameron said he was concerned that three-year-old Nancy would get "a bit lost" in some of the "enormous" state primaries near his west London home.

Mr Cameron insisted that a smaller state-funded church school would offer more "familiarity", as he insisted that he supported faith schools and made no apologies for identifying one for his daughter, who will not start for another 18 months.

"I'm quite a fan of faith schools and we're looking at a church school we're very keen on," Mr Cameron told BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme, adding that he was a member of the "relevant faith".

"Maybe I'm being over precious and protective of my daughter, but you sort of feel that your small child is going to go into this enormous state primary school and may get a bit lost," he said. "I want parents to have a choice. In London you have a choice."

The school believed to have been earmarked by him has 200 pupils and is described by Ofsted, the education watchdog, as among the top five per cent nationally for results.

His other two sons and daughter have also attended faith schools.