'David and Goliath' director says film will honour the Lord

Tim Chey(Photo: Wikimedia)

"David and Goliath" director Tim Chey addressed the comparisons between his upcoming film and last year's biblical epics at a recent press junket in Los Angeles. 

Blockbuster movies based on the Bible were popular in 2014, with "Noah" and "Exodus: Gods and Kings" raking in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

But Chey said that his film will be intrinsically different from those releases.  

"Well first off, I'm not only a director, but also an evangelist," Chey explained. "So obviously I'm not going to make a film that's biblically not correct or does not give honour to the Lord."

Both "Exodus" and "Noah" were criticised for biblically inaccurate elements, with the former also being blasted for historical inaccuracies. Chey hopes to avoid similar criticisms with "David and Goliath."

"There are no rock monsters helping David unfortunately," he joked, referring to the magical creatures that helped build the ark in "Noah."

"But kidding aside, I wanted to make a film that will reinvigorate the kind of faith the future King of Israel had, namely fighting a giant with a zero per cent chance of defeating him outside of God."

"David and Goliath" tells the biblical story of a young David defeating a nine-foot-tall warrior. UK actor Miles Sloman was cast as David, and Jerry Sokoloski of Canada was tapped to play Goliath.

The movie wrapped filming in Tunisia and London this summer, and will be released on April 3.