Darlene Zschech's Revealing Jesus: a stellar album of conviction and gratitude

Darlene Zschech

Darlene Zschech has just released her new album, Revealing Jesus, in time for Easter. This is the first of her albums to be recorded in the United States. The former pastor at Hillsong Church has produced an amazing album full of the conviction she has come to be known and loved for.

Revealing Jesus continues her traditional style of power worship song, with tracks like "God is here", "In Jesus Name" and "Victor's crown".

"God is here" is a beautiful, uplifting song about the love we have for God as his followers, and our great appreciation for Him. As Darlene sings of his presence and greatness, you can't help but be stirred.

"In Jesus Name" is a fast-paced song about God's guidance and protection over us all. The Saviour fights for us through the darkest of times and the Saviour is always with us.

"Victor's Crown" reminds us of how Jesus died for all our sins. It's a song full of Darlene's personal gratitude that spills over into listeners. After listening to this song, you will indeed be grateful for all He's done and praise and worship Him. The lyrics, "Jesus you have overcome the world", say it all right there, as he has done just that.

The tempo slows with the beautiful "Yours Forever" duet with Kari Jobe and Darlene's heartfelt rendition of the traditional hymn "My Jesus I Love Thee", giving space for quieter contemplation on the wonder of Jesus.

This album is perfect for Easter, placing the story of Jesus firmly at its heart and reminding us once again of what Jesus came to earth for, how He came to save us all and how we as Christians are forever grateful to him.


Here's our Q&A with Darlene on Revealing Jesus:

What made you want to do this album?
Darlene: Persistence! I've been writing songs and been on a prayer quest for more of Jesus in my life and to have all of his love singing through my life. I think we all pray for that as we go across our Christian lives. I was writing all these songs and Israel [Houghton] was like 'Do you want to record them?'. I was like 'No, I'm good, it's over'. And he kept saying 'No, no it's not', and that's kind of how this whole process came about. Without him I certainly wouldn't be here.

How was it recording your first Worship album in the USA?
Darlene: It was amazing actually, someone else asked me what a difference it was recording out there, but you know what, honestly, apart from not knowing as many people in the room, it didn't feel much different at all. I mean in the end we're just there to worship Jesus and I was in a team that I had worked with for a long time. They were my friends. In the end we were worshipping God together and in the presence of God we're the same, it's just amazing, I couldn't believe it really. There were some incredible moments. There always is. It was a great honour and privilege. It was really humbling and very awesome.

What do you hope to gain from this album?
Darlene: I'm hoping that it blesses people, I am hoping that people really do love singing the name of Jesus and just exalting him. That's what I'm hoping for. I'm not really hoping to gain anything more than that. That's my whole life passion.

What was your favourite song of the album?
Darlene: Well, I'm not sure, it changes every day, but I think Victor's Crown is one of my favourites... anyway I love them all.

How was it working with Israel and Michael W Smith?
Darlene: Israel is amazing. I mean everyone, Michael as well. Israel is just a musical genius. I've never worked with anyone like him. He is so clever and so precise and so God-willing and he is completely ADD which really helps actually. Working with him and Michael is amazing.

The message of the album really fits with Easter. Was releasing it at Easter intentional?
Darlene: Not really. I've just been really concentrating on making sure that it was finished well. I'm not involved in release times and all that. I'm just involved in getting it done to the point where I felt in my heart that it was and I knew it was done to the best of my ability and that the message was clear and perfect.