'Dance Moms' season 7 spoilers, rumors: ALDC moving back to Pittsburgh studio for the rest of the season?

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Filming for "Dance Moms" season 7 is on the ice at the moment for the Thanksgiving break, and it will resume on Dec. 3. However, there will be big changes coming.

Dance coach Abby Lee Miller and the dancers will reportedly return to the Pittsburgh studio as opposed to the one based in Los Angeles, according to a prolific "Dance Moms" insider on Instagram.

For the rest of the "Dance Moms" season 7, the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) will allegedly film in the said studio, which is now known as Appolonia Leake Dance Company. It is unclear as to why this is the case, though.

Either way, this would also mean that Miller's rival, Cathy Nesbitt-Smith, and the Candy Apples Dance Center (CADC) will also be more involved in the upcoming episodes.

It is believed that Nesbitt's dance troop will appear in three episodes or more in the second half of "Dance Moms" season 7, not counting the upcoming one, where she will make her official comeback.

Readers are advised to take this with a pinch of salt as the insider warned not to consider it as a fact yet, although they appear to be confident of the information.

Additionally, they posted again on Instagram, teasing that ALDC will indeed be filming in Pittsburgh for the next "Dance Moms" season 7 episodes.

"Dance Moms" season 7 will continue with episode 2, "Abby's Worst Nightmare," next week. The titular person is of course none other than the CADC owner, whose return was teased in the trailer for the new season.

Episode 2 will also mark Miller's major step in forming her "super team," which will involve adding a total of eight new dancers from the auditions with at least three of them — Camryn Bridges, Maesi Caes, and Daviana Fletcher — still participating in competitions.

"Dance Moms" season 7 episode 2, "Abby's Worst Nightmare," airs on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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