'Dance Moms' season 6 spoilers; Maddie Ziegler coming back?

Maddie Ziegler and Naomi WattsInstagram via updatesfordancemoms

Dance coach Abby Lee Miller has been involved in fraud issues, but that won't put a stop to her show, "Dance Moms."

Filming for season 6 continues and based on the spoiler site for the show, the latest event attended by the dancers was the Devotion 2 Dance, held in Augora Hills in California on Saturday, Nov. 14.

This particular competition is intended for season 6 episode 6, and the group had impressive rankings.

The spoiler site revealed that the group dance playing the song "Better Off Now" won first place in Teen category and also first for the overall competition.

The group Jazz category with the tune "Cavemen Undercover" placed first for the Small Wonders category, and second for the overall.

Alysa Owen took the solo for "Fever Rising" and won second place in the Junior division. For the contemporary dance category, Areana Lopez won 1st in Junior Division with the song "Dance."

Things were looking great for Team Abby, but star student Maddie Ziegler is still not spotted in the photos.

Ziegler may be busy filming "The Book of Henry" alongside Naomi Watts. In an Instagram post from @updatesfordancemoms on Nov. 13, a picture of Ziegler and Watts was uploaded bearing the caption that read, "Maddie on set of "the book of Henry" with Naomi !! The film will be finished in less than 2 weeks and Maddie will be coming back to LA."

This could mean that the teen star will really be back for season 6 and if she does, she will once again be part of another comparison games by fans.

The 13-year-old sensation has always been compared to rival Chloe Lukasiak not only when it comes to their dancing abilities in the show but also in different aspects, including modeling career and music video appearances.

There's really no point in making a comparison between these awesome young stars, because after all, they are both amazing and talented in their own way.

"Dance Moms" season 6 is set to return to Lifetime in 2016.