'Dance Moms' season 6 episode 8 spoilers: Abby Lee Miller jealous of Maddie's success and popularity?

Dance Moms - Abby Lee Miller and Maddie ZieglerLifetime

Maddie Ziegler will be making her official return to "Dance Moms" season 6 this coming eighth episode, aptly titled "Maddie is Back." However, as stated in the official synopsis from Zap2It, not everyone looks happy to see Maddie back as a rising star.

Maddie had been away for a good majority of the season to film the movie "The Book of Henry" and even during her absence, the dancer proved to be one of the most popular stars of the show, having been a guest star on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to promote her film and the dance series.

However, the synopsis reveals that coach Abby Lee Miller does not seem happy to see Maddie back and the moms begin to suspect that she is getting jealous of Maddie's success. It is possible that Miller fears her student is starting to become more popular than the coach and that Maddie might get her own show.

As seen in the preview trailer, the moms will confront Miller about her treatment of Maddie. When they ask her if she is treating Maddie this way out of jealousy, the coach responds with a look of shock on her face although fans speculate that this may either be due to Miller admitting it is true or because the thought never crossed her mind.

Not all the moms are concerned about Miller's treatment of Maddie. Ashlee will take this as an opportunity to convince Miller to groom Brynn as the show's next big star, particularly after Brynn had been put on probation following Maddie's return to "Dance Moms."

Amidst all the drama the promo reveals Miller will also experience an emotional breakdown in front of the moms, stating that she sacrificed everything for their benefit despite having to go through several legal problems before and during the production of this season and states that she is tired of fighting for them.

"Dance Moms" season 6 episode 8 will air this Feb. 23.