'Dance Moms' season 6 spoilers: Maddie Ziegler returns and wins in episode 4

Maddie ZieglerInstagram/ maddieziegler

Fans were starting to get nervous with the three consecutive no-shows of Maddie Ziegler during the filming of the first three episodes of "Dance Moms" season 6. Media outlets began to report that she could even be axed from the show for her absences.

But in episode 4 of the hit dance series, the young dancer finally makes her glorious and much-awaited return. Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller recently posted a photo of Ziegler on Instagram as she praised her so-called star student for being "exquisite again"

Ziegler performed for Abby Lee Dance Crew during the Dream National Dance Competition in California, which will be the focus of the fourth "Dance Moms" season 6 episode. While she has been shooting her film "The Book of Henry," the youngster hasn't lost her dancing flair.

During the contest, Ziegler performed to the tune of "Bond Girl," which earned her the second place for the teen division. She was also able to snag the second place award overall. What this suggests is that Ziegler definitely returned to the "Dance Moms" stage with a bang.

While it seems that Ziegler is back on board "Dance Moms" season 6, Miller herself might not. Reports claim that the dance instructor could be locked up for fraud after allegedly concealing her assets and declaring bankruptcy.

Before the controversy emerged, however, Miller was already filming episodes of the new season of the Lifetime reality series. In fact, her team has already dominated various competitions across California. She has also been actively updating fans of the happenings via her social media accounts.

At the moment, Miller's participation in "Dance Moms" season 6 remains intact. Christian Post says that in the event Miller is found guilty of the 20 accounts of fraud pinned on her, she might not be around the set and the competitions for a while.

"Dance Moms" season 6 is slated to premiere in January.