DailyHope is on the line – again!

(Photo: Unsplash/Claudia van Zyl)

A free telephone line that provides spiritual support for older people has been relaunched – just weeks after its closure was announced because of lack of funding.

The DailyHope telephone line serves many people in later life unable to participate in person with church life in the community, either in the long term, or temporarily due to sickness or medical treatment. It was launched during the Covid pandemic.

The recorded phoneline provides a vital spiritual resource aimed at the around six million UK people aged over 65 who are either unable to use the internet safely and successfully or are not online at all.

In January, the organisation Faith in Later Life announced that the line would have to be suspended because of a lack of funding. It came as many churches were being encouraged to 'grow younger' and put an emphasis on reaching younger people.

Now their chief executive officer Alexandra Drew has announced that the phone line is back in action.

She said: "Closing the DailyHope line was an extremely heart-wrenching decision to make. I know that it's been a lifeline to many older people, especially those unable to attend church in person, and without access to spiritual comfort."

Now additional funding has been secured, DailyHope has been relaunched, with a drive to find new content and content-providers.

Alexandra Drew said: "We're looking forward to welcoming new callers, as well as content providers and funding partners, to help us to continue to bring DailyHope to older people, and others who are staying at home."

Broadcaster Pam Rhodes, an ambassador for Faith in Later Life, said: "DailyHope has brought Christian fellowship through the landline into the homes of so many, filling their hearts and souls with God's presence and comfort through word, prayer and song.

"It's no wonder that DailyHope has remained so popular – and the thought that this vital service may have been lost to those who value and rely upon it brought real despair. But now, we're thankful to God that DailyHope has been saved. This is wonderful news."

The DailyHope free telephone service is available on 0800 804 8044. Churches and Christians are being encouraged to publicise the telephone number widely.

Rev Peter Crumpler is a Church of England minister in St Albans, Herts, and a former communications director with the CofE.