Crucified Christ depicted as a scarecrow in Godmanchester

Scarecrow of Jesus ChristFacebook

The depiction of Jesus Christ as a scarecrow has offended some residents of Godmanchester, England.

The scarecrow was made as part of the town's annual Scarecrow Festival, and features Jesus hanging from a cross, wearing a white robe and a crown of thorns. Many found the portrayal offensive.

"For me, Jesus as a scarecrow is just disrespectful," Sarah Kate Fairclough wrote on Godmanchester's Facebook page. "I was horrified when I came home earlier.

"It's absolutely disgusting and needs taking down now. If you want to be so disrespectful, put it up at your own house and not on the side of the road."

However, some commenters defended the scarecrow.

"If you go to a Roman Catholic country, their celebratory processions have lots of Jesus' and Marys – I wonder why we are uncomfortable with this?" Amanda Last asked.

The 10-foot tall structure is affixed to a lamppost next to London Road Cemetery. For some, the location of the Jesus scarecrow was as problematic as the depiction.

"This Jesus Christ scarecrow is very striking and I think partially what has upset people is where it is – on the roadside," Godmanchester Town Council Councillor Sarah Wilson told the Cambridge News.

"Somebody has made it with the intention of participating for the village, sticking to the theme, and not with the intention of causing upset."

The Festival's theme is musicals, and the Jesus Christ scarecrow creators were referencing "Jesus Christ Superstar" with their creation.

Godmanchester Scarecrow Festival organizer Mary Stokes said that the scarecrow would be moved back onto the festival grounds.

"We understand neighbors were concerned that it was on a public highway, and highways were also not happy it was attached to their lamp post," she said, according to Cambridge News.

"The festival is a bit of fun throughout town and people enjoy taking part. It is sad that this particular scarecrow has caused a problem."