Colton Dixon's new album 'Identity' set for March 24 release; singer seeks to challenge Christians to reassess their lives

Christian singer Colton Dixon takes a selfie with his wife, Annie Coggeshall.(Instagram/Colton Dixon)

With his brand-new album called "Identity" set for release on March 24, "American Idol" alum Colton Dixon is hoping that people will listen to it and be inspired to reflect on their personal lives, focusing on what really matters to them.

The Christian singer says he himself assessed his priorities before making the album. "I was just looking at my life and asking how do I measure my success? Am I measuring it in the paycheck at the end of the day? Am I measuring it in how many records I've sold, how big my house is, what car I'm driving? And that's the norm. It's a never-ending cycle, and you're never going to be happy or satisfied," he says in a press release received by Christian Today.

The singer says he realised that the only One who could ever give people fulfillment is God, and it's something he hopes to impart in his new songs. "The only thing that's going to really satisfy you is the Lord, and He's the only thing that will continue to blow your mind as you live your life. He will always exceed your expectations, always," he says.

The album will contain tracks such as "All That Matters" and "The Other Side," which is dedicated to Dilon, the brother of Dixon's wife Annie Coggeshall, who passed away shortly before they met.

Dixon also talked about his marriage to Coggeshall. The two recently celebrated their first year anniversary, and Dixon says his life completely changed after tying the knot.

"I'm coming at my career from a different perspective now. Getting married, it completely changes everything —  the way I think, or the way I should think. Every morning, my wife and I wake up, and it's a new opportunity to serve the other person. I now try to ask, 'How can I serve you today? It's something I don't do near enough, but what would life be like if we do that every day?" he shares.

Dixon proposed to his wife in September 2015 at Disney World in Florida. According to People Magazine, Dixon was in Orlando to perform at the Christian music festival "Night Of Joy" where he shared the news of his engagement on stage. He and Coggeshall met through a mutual friend at a concert in Los Angeles and have been together for almost three years.

Dixon said he knew Coggeshall was "the one" for him after spending a lot of time in prayer and listening to God. "I can't believe I'm already at this stage of life. I've seen friends and family make this step, and it's always seemed so far away, but here we are," he said.

The two wed in January 2016. Dixon was so overwhelmed with joy that he cried during his wedding. True to their engagement, the two enjoyed a Disney-inspired wedding, with Dixon singing Elvis Presley's' "Can't Help Falling In Love" to his bride.