Church Army, Scripture Union team up for multi-media Bible experience

Church Army's pioneering Word-on-the-Web ministry is handing over the baton to Scripture Union's new WordLive service to guarantee a future proofed multi-media Bible experience for Christians.

Word-on-the-Web has been operating since 2000 and has built up a current supporter base of more than 7,000 subscribers from over 100 countries around the world.

WordLive, launched by Scripture Union in January 2008, is a free resource allowing online users a wide range of creative approaches to God's Word, including audio Bible passages, video clips, worship songs and prayer activities, as well as a daily Bible reading and explanatory note.

Word-on-the-Web will begin inviting existing subscribers to transfer to WordLive as of Tuesday. The final Word-on-the-Web study, authored by David and Alison Booker, who conceived the idea of web based ministry back in 1999 and produced the very first study, will be sent out Sunday 28 September. Word-on-the-Web has issued more than 20 million daily emails over the course of eight years, covering 37 books of the Bible written by over 400 different contributors.

Captain Neil Thomson, Church Army's Online Services Manager, comments: "We have been so impressed with how Scripture Union's WordLive service has developed in offering Christians a fantastic range of creative approaches to engage with the Bible via text, podcasts, RSS web feed, web and email.

"We want to encourage Word-on-the-Web subscribers to move to what we believe is a very creative way to encounter what God has to say to them through this innovative multi-media solution. Like Word-on the-Web, it is free service - something we believe is important."

James Burden, Associate Director of Scripture Union says: "We are delighted to be welcoming subscribers from Word-on-the-Web to WordLive and in doing so celebrate the pioneering work of Church Army in web based ministry. We are pleased that Church Army will be involved in supplying future content for WordLive and promoting WordLive as part of their future web developments."

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