Church-appropriate dance moves video gets over a million views

A spoof video featuring dance moves inspired by Scriptures has garnered over one million views on social media and is bound to get more.

The 5-minute film, entitled "Church-Appropriate Dance Moves," was the idea of Grand Rapids writer and actor Evan Koons, who can be seen dancing during the entire length of the video. It was produced by Jon Melton of the film production company GORILLA, according to MLive.

Meant to be shown five minutes before the start of service, the dance moves, Koons says, are those churchgoers "can do whenever the Spirit moves you."

(Screen grab from YouTube/ChurchFuelLLC)

After inviting viewers to "get on up" and "sweat to some Scriptures," Koons goes on to demonstrate different dance steps named after biblical events and figures any churchgoers would easily recognise.

Among the moves Koons performs in the video are "The Resurrection," "Crush the Serpent's Head," "The Last Supper Dip," "Lot's Wife," "The Adam and Eve," "Sowing Seeds," "The Pentecost (Tongues of Fire)," and "The Samson."

The spoof, which many viewers have described as hilarious, was made even funnier as midway through the video, an out-of breath Koons said, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."

Koons' short film is inspired by comedian Judson Laipply's "The Evolution of Dance," which has hit over 280 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most watched videos on the website.

Koons, however, is far from being the only one to parody Laipply's video. One of the many who have spoofed Laipply's work is The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon. Fallon's "Evolution of Dad Dancing" featuring Governor Chris Christie and "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" featuring actor-rapper Will Smith have over 7.5 and 23 million views on YouTube, respectively.

Koons, whose "Church-Appropriate Dance Moves" has made him known to a wider audience, recently finished an educational series with GORILLA, entitled "For the Life of the World: Letter to the Exiles." The two are currently working on a comedy feature film called "Camp Manna."