Church challenged over drag queen competition for LGBTQIA kids

The Ames United Church of Christ shared this photo of the crowns they gave out during 'Drag-o-ween.'(PHOTO: Facebook/Ames United Church of Christ)

It's important for Christians to show love and kindness even to people who don't hold the same values as them, but they aren't supposed to condone things that God frowns upon, even if society is dictating otherwise.

This is why Christian blogger Elizabeth Johnston, known as the Activist Mommy, was upset to learn that the Aimes United Church of Christ from Iowa held an event called "Drag-o-ween" on October 25, which was intended for "LGBTQIA youth and friends" from 6th to 12th grade.

"There is so much going on here, and it is all wrong," she wrote on her blog. "The Aimes United Church of Christ boasts on their flyer for the event that they have been 'open and affirming of people who are LGBTQIA since 2000,' and they clearly want to make sure to recruit youngsters into the lifestyle as well."

The participants were encouraged to dress up in their best drag costumes, and they even crowned their drag king and drag queen. The church said they provided adult supervision for the event, but Johnston questioned their Biblical supervision.

"Churches are meant to lead people to Christ and raise children up in the way they should go. Instead, this apostate church is leading adults and children alike away from Christ and towards a lifestyle fashioned after the way of the world," she fumed.

Johnston added that there is nothing godly about holding a contest for kids and teenagers to dress up as members of the opposite sex, since "drag" costumes are normally reserved for "highly sexualized nightclub routines."

"There is being merciful and kind to homosexuals, and there is fully promoting the lifestyle and convincing those who are seeking God that it is completely consistent with Christianity, which it is not," she explained. "As Christians, it is our duty to address those who are leading children away from Christ and from sound Biblical knowledge."