Christians worldwide plan protests after Norway seizes 5 kids due to 'Christian indoctrination'

Norwegian Christian couple Marius and Ruth Bodnariu pose with four of their five children in a Facebook post.(Facebook/Norway Return the children to Bodnariu Family)

Christians around the world are planning to stage peaceful protests outside Norwegian embassies to call for the release of five children who were seized by Norway's child welfare services for supposedly being subjected to "Christian radicalisation and indoctrination."

The protests will be held more than a month after Barnevernet, Norway's child protective services agency, took away five children of Norwegian Christian couple Marius and Ruth Bodnariu.

Over 44,200 people have already signed an online petition calling for the reunion of the Bodnariu family. The petition states that the five children were "abusively taken away by the Norwegian government."

"They are just a normal Christian family trying to raise their children in the knowledge of God! There is no documented or otherwise abuse of any kind in this family!" the online petition stated.

On Facebook, a page has been set up to raise awareness about the Bodnariu family's situation, and to ask the Norwegian government to return the seized children to their parents.

Facebook users from other countries, such as Spain and Ireland, have also expressed support to the Bodnariu family. Some supporters have even scheduled peaceful protests to pressure the Norwegian government to free the seized children.

"We would like to act in an organised, legal, and peaceful manner, as we wish to continue being a testimony for the world," a Facebook post stated, as reported by The Christian Post.

"In this regard, I assure you, we are currently getting organised and WE will announce the place and the time of the picketing, alongside additional details, at the right moment," the post added.

Christians from other major nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands are also reportedly planning to join the peaceful protests.

"We pray that God blesses our efforts!" the Facebook post stated. "As the walls of Jericho were destroyed, we believe that God can destroy the strong walls behind which abuses are made in the name of a law; law that should protect children and not destroy families."