Christians unite in prayer for MAF pilot's release

Ryan Koher with his wife and children.(Photo: Mission Aviation Fellowship)

Christians around the world are being invited to join in 24 hours of prayer and fasting on Wednesday for the release of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilot, Ryan Koher.

MAF said that the 31-year-old pilot from the US has been unlawfully detained in Mozambique since his arrest on 4 November. 

Koher was arrested along with two South African NGO workers, Willem du Plessis, 77, and Eric Day, 69, on suspicion of supporting insurgents in the country. 

MAF said that all the charges against Koher are false and that he had been due to fly supplies of medication and food to orphanages in Montepuez, northern Mozambique, on 2 December.

Koher was denied bail by a court judge on 9 February. 

His wife, Annabelle, and their two sons, have been evacuated to MAF's US headquarters in Idaho. 

In a video message, Annabelle thanked supporters for their prayers.

"I want to thank you all for praying and fasting for Ryan, and I'm grateful that you are encouraging others to pray too. I am confident that God hears our prayers as we cry out to Him," she said.

"Please pray for Ryan's release and that we would be reunited again soon. Pray also for comfort for our boys – as they may not understand why their daddy isn't here, and may not be able to fully express their emotions at this time.

"As we read in Psalms 5:3, may we all be watching expectantly for the Lord to work, and be ready to praise Him for all He will do."

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