Christians in Pakistan fear more attacks after death of teenage boy who was set on fire

Nauman Masih died in hospital.British Pakistani Christian Association

Christians in Pakistan are fearing more attacks following a fresh wave of violence targeting Christian children by Muslim hardliners. 

In his blog post, CBN Senior International Reporter Gary Lane expressed fear that attacks against children could be an indication that Islamic extremists in the country are growing bolder in following their counterparts in Iraq and Syria.

"More acts of violence and intimidation against Pakistan's small Christian minority are expected in the days ahead. Keep praying that God will protect them, and give them the courage and strength to endure this recent wave of persecution," Cary said.

Last month, bombers attacked two churches in Youhanabad killing 14 Christians and wounding 100 others.

Christian militants responded by lynching two of the bombing suspects and Muslim hardliners targeted the Christian community in retaliation. 

In one horrific incident, two Muslim extremists chased, beat and burned 15-year-old Nauman Masih, a young Christian man, because of his religion. Nauman died in hospital due to the severe burns he sustained on his body. 

Another attack involved 17-year-old Sunny Masih from Pakistan's Sheikhupura District. The teenager was attacked by a Muslim mob who threw him into a flaming kiln because he was a Christian. The victim sustained extensive burns but miraculously escaped the incident alive, according to The Daily Mail.

In another incident on April 17, two masked gunmen opened fire on St Francis School in Behar Colony. The attack resulted in the injury of one Christian student and two security guards, reported BosNewsLife.

In another attack against the St Peter Catholic Church and High School last month, two passersby were injured after two masked gunmen fired at policemen guarding the church, reported