Christians rally around dad left to raise 6 kids, including premature twins, after wife killed in car crash

(Photo: YouCaring)Katie Evans with her two premature baby girls before her tragic death in a car crash

Prayers and selfless offers of help are pouring in for a husband and father left to raise six young children by himself after his wife's tragic death in a car crash.

Katie Evans was killed in a car crash while driving back from the hospital after visiting her premature baby girls, Sarah and Hannah.

Her sister-in-law Caralee told that she was traveling home late at night when she was hit by another car.

She said Katie, 37, had been at the hospital every day following the birth of her 'miracle' twins at around 25 weeks.

Katie was almost home when the collision occurred in Santa Clarita, California, on October 6. It is feared that the driver who collided with Katie's car may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Katie leaves behind husband Jacob and their six young children, the eldest of which has special needs.

Jacob's brother, Michael, told they had received so much support in the wake of the tragedy.

'We have a rough road ahead of us, trying to figure out how to handle everything,' Michael says of the family. 'The outpouring of support from the community, from the internet, from our local church, from neighbors ... it has been absolutely overwhelming.'

A fundraising page has been set up for the family to help them cover childcare and other costs, with over $200,000 raised already.

(Photo: YouCaring)Katie Evans with her husband Jacob and their four other children

Many strangers have left messages of support and even offered practical assistance to the family.

One well-wisher said she was a pediatric nurse at UCLA and offered to donate her days off to help the family.

'I would love to help! I do not know the family but I'm a pediatric nurse at UCLA and would love to donate my time helping in any way!!!! This is tragic and I pray for this family! I have four days off a week and would love to spend my time off helping!' she wrote.

Another well-wisher said: 'Don't have money to donate but lots of newborn baby clothes I can send their way if the twins need them.'

There were also many promises of prayers for the family as they come to terms with their loss.

One anonymous donor wrote: 'God bless you and your family through this tragic moment of life. Trust in Him to keep you safe and push you at your lowest points. Prayers from Northern Michigan.'

Movingly, one comment came from a woman whose husband lost his first wife, leaving him in a similar circumstance with five young children, including one premature baby to raise by himself.

In her note of encouragement she said: 'We are living proof that God redeems, restores, and puts lives back together, although I'm sure you cannot imagine right now that could ever be so. Prayers!!'