Christians join vigil outside Downing Street to bring home Israeli hostages

(Photo: Twitter)

Thousands of people, including Christians, gathered outside Downing Street on Sunday for a vigil calling for the release of Israelis who have been held hostage since the Hamas terror attack on Israel on 7 October. 

An estimated 240 people were taken hostage on the same day that Hamas killed 1,200 Israelis. 

Qatar has been mediating talks between Israel and Hamas to secure their release. 

The Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Herzog, told ABC news that he was hopeful of a deal being reached "in the coming days".

Members of Christians Action Against Antisemitism were at Sunday evening's vigil at Whitehall in London. 

It described the event as "a beautiful and moving display of unity" and an "amazing evening of solidarity and friendship".

"We heard from the father, mother and brother of hostages taken - we cried together," said the CAAA on Twitter.

"We stood together united with one voice saying 'Bring them home'. Britain contains so many good people. Thank you guys for showing the Jewish community that they are not alone, and that our nation is not full of Jew-haters!"

CAAA member, Lois Perry, spoke to TalkTV before the vigil about why she was joining.

"We're showing the Jewish people they're not on their own. The vast majority of British people are with them," she said.