Christians in Politics appoints Andy Flannagan as new executive director

The cross-party group Christians in Politics has appointed Andy Flannagan to the new post of executive director.

Flannagan is a Luton-based, Irish singer-songwriter who was previously a hospital doctor. He has spent almost a decade as director of Christians on the Left.

Andy Flannagan

Referring to a Christians in Politics campaign for political engagement in 2015 and 2017, he said: 'The message of the Show Up campaign was simple but provocative. It challenged Christians and the church not to just commentate from the side-lines but to get on the pitch of political life.

'It felt like the start of a movement, and I am unashamedly thrilled to be given the opportunity to provide leadership for Christians in Politics as we try to reach places and people who have not yet heard our message but who could have so much to offer the political world.'

The Conservative MP Gary Streeter said: 'Andy's passion, biblical insight and story-telling ability will convince even the most sceptical that they could and should be more than mere commentators on politics.'

And Dr Jonathan Oloyede, convenor of National Day of Prayer and Worship, added: 'Christians cannot stand on the sidelines any longer where politics is concerned. We need to get actively and prayerfully involved to see transformation in our communities and Nation. It is when we show up and engage with our world that we can influence what happens in our Nation and pray His Kingdom Come.'

Christians in Politics brings together Christians from across the political parties, working in collaborative partnership with Christians on the Left, the Conservative Christian Fellowship and the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.